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Let us take you back to the beginning, from when we were just chickpeas…
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How it all began
I have always loved food. Everything about it intrigued me – the smell, the combination of flavours, and the colours. I believe food is an art, so it was a no brainer that one day I would channel my creativity into my own restaurant. My main focus was to capture the unique flavours and nutritional value of Middle Eastern food and to create something simple, flavoursome and light, so I decided to perfect the falafel. Go Falafel first opened its doors in the heart of Manchester in 2012 and it was in this shop that we knew it was going to be something big.

But we didn’t stop there!

The response from the public was extraordinary! More than what I could have hoped for and it was our innovative concept and support from our loyal customers that allowed us to successfully grow. A few years later and Go Falafel is proudly serving across Manchester and Liverpool. Our mission is to spread our love for Middleastern food and to promote a healthier, tastier lifestyle, one falafel at a time.

Rajab Shamallakh
Go Falafel Founder

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